Employee privacy notice explained

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Employee privacy notice explained

POPIA requires that employers be transparent about the processing of their employees' personal information. Besides being a legal obligation, being transparent demonstrates respect and engenders trust in the employer's processes. In this course, employees will learn why it's necessary for their employer to process their personal information and what rights employees have in this regard.


The Explaining the Employee Privacy Notice to Staff Course will assist employees understand how and why their personal information is collected and what is done with this information. It covers personal information and the lawful basis for processing this information by the employer. It will also explain the decisions that an employee can make about his or her information and the processing thereof.

At the completion of this course, employees will better understand: 

  • How and why employee personal information is processed?
  • Lawful bases for processing the employee's personal information.
  • Sharing of the employee's personal information.
  • How to intervene in the processing of their personal information.
  • An employee's data subject rights.
  • How to request assistance from the information officer.


This course will cover:

  • Who is responsible for the processing of your personal information?
  • Who to contact if you have questions about the processing of your personal information?
  • Why your personal information is collected?
  • How your personal information is collected?
  • The purposes for processing your personal information?
  • What are the legal bases for processing your personal information?
  • The mandatory and voluntary supply of personal information.
  • The consequences of failure to provide the required information.
  • Legislation that authorises the collection of personal information.
  • When is your sensitive personal information processed?
  • Transfer of personal information to a third country or organisation.
  • With whom your personal data is shared?
  • Why and how your personal information is retained?
  • Where you can get assistance and further information about the processing of your personal information?


The course ends with a short quiz of ten questions. This is necessary to confirm knowledge transfer to the employee.

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