POPIA Governance, risk and compliance

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POPIA Governance, risk and compliance

A recent enforcement notice from the Information Regulator instructs the non-compliant responsible party to implement a governance framework for the processing of personal information. In this course, you will learn why governance, risk, and compliance are important for the protection of personal information.



This Governance, Risk, and Compliance for the Protection of Personal Information Course will explain how the approach currently used for POPIA compliance can be dramatically improved through an effective Governance, Risk, and Compliance initiative. Recently, the Information Regulator demanded in its enforcement notice that the responsible party provides information on how the implementation of the legal obligations contained in POPIA are being governed and risks managed.

Topics covered in this course: 

    • Governance
      • Stakeholder expectations
      • Role of the governing body in overseeing POPIA compliance
      • Direction from the governing body
      • Enablers of good governance for the protection of personal information
      • Governance of data protection risk management
      • Adequate and effective control by the governing body
      • Monitoring the protection of data subject rights
    • Risk Management
      • Defining an approach for risk management
      • Understanding the nature, scope, and context of processing operations
      • Defining a risk classification scheme
      • Determining the risk to the rights of data subjects
      • Determining the risks to safeguards protecting personal information
      • Defining a risk management strategy
      • Countering identified risks
      • Building and operating processes for the protection of personal information
    • Compliance
      • Monitoring the effectiveness of internal controls
      • Verifying compliance of operators
      • Compliance with the processes implemented to protect data subject rights
      • Auditing the effectiveness of implemented safeguards.


Course Details

This is a 1-day course conducted in a virtual classroom.

The course ends with a short exam of ten questions. This is necessary to confirm knowledge transfer to the attendee and award a certificate of competence.

Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a link to access the Virtual Classroom Platform using the credentials provided to you.

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This course can be taken any time after registration. 


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