Certified personal information impact assessments

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Certified personal information impact assessments

A recent enforcement notice from the Information Regulator emphasised the need for the non-compliant responsible party to carry out personal information impact assessments for its processing of personal information. In this course, you will learn how personal information impact assessments are completed.

personal information impact assessments


The How to carry out a Personal Information Impact Assessment Course will inform and guide attendees to carry out personal information impact assessments following international statutory authority specifications. In this course, you’ll learn about the best practices to use and a framework to promote effective, efficient, and acceptable personal information impact assessments regardless of the size of the organisation. It will provide a basis for objective evaluation of compliance by the information Regulator when it conducts an investigation.

Topics covered in this course: 

  • Governance requirements
  • Understanding the processing operations
    • Nature of the processing operations
    • Scope of the processing operations
    • Context of the processing operations
    • Systematic description of the processing operations
    • Functional description of the processing operations
    • Guaranteeing proportionality and necessity
    • Guaranteeing lawfulness of processing
    • Guaranteeing the accuracy of personal information
    • Operators' processing operations
  • Protecting the rights of data subjects
    • Transparency
    • Notification
    • Portability
    • Rectification
    • Objection
    • Restriction
    • Control over operators.
  • Monitor
    • Execute monitoring and reviewing procedures for the processing of personal information
    • Promptly identify attempted and successful interferences, breaches, and incidents
    • Measure the effectiveness of the safeguards implemented
    • Review data protection risk assessments at planned intervals
    • Conduct internal data protection audits
    • Undertake management reviews of data protection responsibilities
    • Update data protection plans
    • Record actions and events.
  • Risks
    • Identify the risks to the rights of data subjects and the protection of personal information.
  • Countermeasures
    • Implementation of technical and organisational measures to effectively counter the risks
    • Develop suitable data protection policies
    • Determine the safeguards for international transfers
    • Prior authoristaion
    • Monitoring by the information officer.


Course Details

This is a 1-day course conducted in a virtual classroom.

The course ends with a short exam of ten questions. This is necessary to confirm knowledge transfer to the attendee.

Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a link to access the Virtual Classroom Platform using the credentials provided to you.

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This course can be taken any time after registration. 


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