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  • Increase your competency in interpreting and applying POPIA.
  • Develop the expertise to correctly implement POPIA.
  • Grow your capability to better assist data subjects.

Training Benefits

The Value of Training

The Protection of Personal Information Act requires every public and private body to provide staff with relevant necessary data protection training.

All staff must be made aware of.

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Why choose Certification

CPIO Certification Programme
The Certified Personal Information Officer certification programme is developed specifically for those persons who are responsible for protecting the privacy rights of data subjects, compliance or encouraging compliance with the conditions for the lawful processing of personal information, dealing with requests made regarding the processing of personal information and working with the Information Regulator.


Develop your knowledge of privacy rights and how to effectively deal with data subject requests.


Grow your skills and expertise to provide expert assistance and advice.


Learn more about the obligations of an information officer and build your data protection knowledge.

Choose the learning path that suits you

Whether you are an Information Officer, a POPIA specialist or part of general staff, management or the executive team, there are courses that address your specific circumstances.

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